Winter Forever

HA! Wow, so remember when I thought I’d have so much more time to hop on here and share my thoughts with y’all? I was wrong.  SO wrong.  It’s almost comical!

I’ve been so busy because of the pup (80 lbs of Rottweiler love), hiking, hunting, fishing … oh, and tag teaming with my hubby on shoveling the driveway.  The one bad thing about living on top of a mountain? Shoveling out from 12+ inches every other week.  No lie. I’ve never seen so much snow! (Luna loves it though – the few times the snow has melted off this year, she’s been really out of sorts.  She absolutely loves the snow – almost as much as she loves shadows.  It wasn’t until this week when we hit the 80s for a few days that she realized how fun grass can be … and digging in the fresh dirt in the flower beds … and chasing birds).

We’re gearing up for turkey season now & getting some fishing in too.  We’re coming off of those few warm days and heading back in to the 50s this week, but nothing is going to stop me from getting outside after that taste of Spring.  Maybe if I pretend it’s Spring, the weather will get the hint and follow suit.  It’s worth a shot! 😉

I have a few other fun things up my sleeve to share with y’all soon.  Until then, here’s a few highlights of life the past few months on the mountain!






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