We made it!

It’s been a crazy month.  We got 2 weeks notice from Justin’s job on where exactly we were moving & just like that we were gone! I had to figure things out with my job, we had to find a house … Oh, and did I mention Justin was training this whole time? Yeah, so I was packing up the house by myself, figuring out all of the logistics alone … and on top of it, I was surprising him with a dog!

Yeah.  I was a basket full of stress.

BUT it went off without a hitch! We found a house, moved in the next week, I’m working from home, and our dog is the best little thing ever.

Oh, and did I mention how beautiful it is up here? We’re living in part of the Appalachian Mountains and it is amazing.  Like seriously amazing. I don’t know what magic is at play, but I’m in awe every time I step out the door.

We haven’t gotten much hunting in over the past week (archery season just opened up here last weekend) – but we’ve made time to get a few hikes & target shooting in! Here are some highlights!

Can’t wait to have more updates for you soon! Things are supposed to cool off this week, so we’ll be up on the mountain praying for a big buck to come through!



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