And just like that, Summer fell into Fall.


Decorating for Fall usually starts in August for me – I’m always about a month earlier than most people on these things! My reasoning? I like to get it all up, decorated, and finished so that I can enjoy it once the season is in full swing.  We spotted the first yellowing leaves of the year on July 7th, after we came home from our 4th of July vacation … so let’s just say, we’re lucky I didn’t start even earlier 😉

Here is a sneak peek at what how our house is transforming for the chilly seasons!

With that, I’ll leave you with another beautiful quote from Sarah Addison Allen in First Frost:

“Last night it had rained in sheets and strong winds had finally blown autumn into Bascom as if by the sharp sweep of a broom.  There was a discernible chill in the air now, and wet leaves were everywhere – in yards, on the sidewalks, in the street, stuck on cars. It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”




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