Today I Am Thankful!

I am thankful for:

Working at a place where I can run a way for a second, sit on a comfy sofa, and write! (I had someone tell me I looked like I needed a cigar and a glass of brandy to complete my moment! I agree, my friend.)

To everyone who isn’t judging me today as my hair is covered in coconut oil and up in a bun.  Professional? No.  Good for my hair? Yes.

Rain! I love the sunshine, but there is nothing quite like warm, rainy days in the Spring.

Text from my husband asking what I want for dinner tonight.  The man doing some cooking? I’m all in!

Practicing yoga outside on our big covered deck.  Excellent for sunny days, super convenient for warm yet rainy days when I still want to get some fresh air!

The gigantic potholes that have been fixed on my drive to work.  My Jeep thanks you.

Green tea from Panera.  I’m honestly not sure if this stuff is wonderful or terrible for you … but it tastes like perfection.

Just to be alive.  Life is good. God is good. Today, I am happy.




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