Snow Days!

For any of you living in the American North East right now, I’m sure you’re gearing up for the snow storm headed our way tomorrow morning.  If you find yourself bored and in need of something to do other than shoveling snow, freezing your pants off, or *shiver* working from home … then I’ve got you covered! Here are some of my favorite finds from around the web!

How I became 100 artists by Shea Hembrey

This is my all time favorite TED talks video.  Not only does this guy create 100 pieces of art, but he also created the story of the “artists” behind them.  Seriously fascinating!

Rachel Brathen for Elephant Journal

A current favorite. Rachel Brathen (or, more popularly, YogaGirl) posts inspirational photos and quotes on her instagram & Facebook pages almost daily.  None of them have struck me quite the same as this article.  It’s short, simple, wonderful, and puts life in to perspective. It’s sure to pick you up on a gloomy winter day!

The Berry

This one is for the ladies! I am seriously addicted to this site (they have an app too!).  One of my favorite people in the world turned me on to this a couple of months ago & I’ve been hooked! It’s pretty much a compilation of all kinds of random nonsense … My personal favorites are the Dont Worry Be Happy and Daily Motivation sections. Go on, check it out – You won’t regret it!


For those of you health & wellness junkies, this is for YOU! If you haven’t already checked this site out, I can almost guarantee that you will be on here for hours! Yoga tutorials, healthy recipes, hair care, book reviews, mental health … Do you have that one website or app that you open just before going to bed, only to realize an hour has passed and you’re still on it? This one is mine.

Devotional Diva

For a fun, inspirational daily dose of Jesus.  I haven’t read every article, but I have loved everything I’ve stumbled upon so far! Especially the devotionals! I came across one today called The Magnitude of our Gratitude – If you need a place to start, this is a great launching point!

“You don’t have to travel across the waters to serve one another in love, open the doors of your homes and hearts this holiday.  Share what you’ve been so richly blessed to receive.  Put no distractions between you and Jesus.”

Europeans Labeling a Map of the United States

This is just hilarious. If these maps were completed by Americans, I would be mortified (the historian in me shudders at the thought …).  But hey, who really expects Europeans to know every state in our country? It’s just fun to see the silly answers they came up with!

What are your go-to sites for lazy days? Any favorites for late night surfing?



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