Monday Musings

The last teeny tiny itty bitty bit of “warm weather” came to an end today.  I finally moved all of my plants inside. Considering it is supposed to plummet in to the 30s next week, it was time.  Bromeliads, cacti, jade, blueberry bushes, herbs, all of it! While the house is jam packed full of plants now (and there isn’t quite as much open space!), I love how it brightens everything up.  To me, it makes things seem a little more cozy and comfy.  Plus, there are some awesome health benefits, too!

Here are my top 4 🙂

1. Indoor plants purify the air.  Especially during the winter, this is so important! It isn’t like the spring, summer, and even parts of fall, where you can leave the windows and doors open to let the fresh air in.  Wintertime means locking up tight and keeping that cold air out, meaning you’re not getting ANY fresh air.  Indoor plants help “recycle” that not-so-fresh air by absorbing your CO2 and releasing fresh oxygen … for you!

2. You can grow your own medicine cabinet! Aloe Vera, Rosemary, and Peppermint are just a few plants that are easy to grow AND have medicinal properties.  I’ve only had mine for about 6 months and have already used them a TON. Especially the Aloe Vera – it is incredibly versatile!

3. They have been proven to boost your mood. Indoor plants have been credited with increasing productivity, relieving stress, and lowering blood pressure.  What’s not to love? Mental health is important too!

4. Growing your own groceries! I love to use my own herbs when I cook, for the same reason I like to eat venison that I’ve harvested.  I like to know where my food comes from.  I know for a fact that nothing harmful was used during the growing process & I know exactly where the plants have been.  Plus, they look great growing on the kitchen windowsill!

Do you have any indoor plants? What do you like best about them? Are they decorative or do they serve a purpose! Drop your ideas in the comments! 🙂



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