Rainy Thursdays.

Or, how to spend a vacation day when you’re not going on vacation.

Sleep in an extra hour.

Drink some hot water with lemon instead of coffee.

Roll out that yoga mat! Or, if you live close to your studio, go to an AM class!

Write in your journal. Specifically, about things you are thankful for.

Read your Bible or a good Devotional. Nothing says “Today is going to be awesome!” like some Jesus.

Read a book. Any book.

…Make sure you cuddle up in a rocking chair with a comfy blanket on that one!

Take a bath.  Preferably with some bath salts & some eucalyptus oil too!

Don’t put any make-up on. Give your skin a break 🙂

Make something fun for lunch or dinner that you ordinarily wouldn’t have time to make. Or just throw something in the crockpot and call it a day!

Do some of that laundry that might be piling up…and watch some Ellen when you get around to folding it!

Basically, use that day for you! Do something fun. Do something relaxing.  Do something you ordinarily don’t have time to.  You’re important too!



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