You don’t have a soul. You are a soul.

You hear a lot about anti-bullying lately – especially on social media and the news.  But no one seems to think about thin people when they talk about groups being bullied or “shamed”

As a naturally thin person, I have always heard the “you’re sooooo skinny”, “do you even eat?”, or “I don’t know how you stay alive that thin…” comments.  Whether as a college kid who didn’t care about exercising and lived on ramen noodles, or as an adult who practices yoga, hunts, and eats spinach salads like it’s her business … I have ALWAYS looked like this.  That doesn’t stop the comments though.  No matter how many times I tell people “Yeah, I am thin. I know’ or “Yes, I eat plenty…” or “I stay alive because I’m healthy….”, it still doesn’t stop.

So, just a suggestion for the day.  Try to stop thinking of people in terms of how they look.  Thin, heavy, tall, short, long hair, short hair, whatever.  No more mean comments, no more judging people, no more talking behind their backs.  Let’s just all start looking out for each other and supporting each other.  What your body looks like isn’t what matters – it’s what your soul looks like.

cs lewis




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  1. I have a cousin who is thin. When her father was in the hospital one of our aunts said to her, “you’re so skinny. You need to eat more.” My cousin said, “I eat.” I said “No ma’am. You don’t get to say something about her weight. She’s healthy, she runs, she eats.” I went on to explain that it is just as unacceptable to say something about someone who is thin as it is to tell me I am fat. It still is rude and hurts feelings. The room got quiet for a second then someone else said something to change the subject and we moved on. Later my cousin thanked me. I hugged her and said, “I’ll always take up for you. I love you and you are beautiful!” I do not think my aunt meant it ugly I just think people for some reason don’t see that even thin people can be hurt by those comments. They’re not compliments. Accept people for who they are and quit focusing on the silly things such as appearances. So all that just to say I totally agree. 😀


    1. hemw489 says:

      Good for you! I’m sure that meant a lot to her to have you stand up and say something! *High Fives* 🙂

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