All Natural? Really?



If you know me, you know I LOVE trying out new things – especially with the new wave of eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural products! So, let’s jump on in!

Honest Face + Body Lotion by The Honest Co.

When I first got this product I was very excited to try it.  Right off the bat, the trendy bottle, color scheme, and label boasting “Natural – Hypoallergenic – Ultra Pure” drew me in.  As with other Honest Company products, the Honest Face + Body Lotion is vegan, and chock full of chamomile, aloe, shea butter, and other plant-based ingredients.

I tested it out first on my hands as soon as I bought it.  The first thing I noticed was the light, natural scent.  I don’t always like going through my day like a walking perfume stand, so this was definitely a plus! However, I was not crazy about how greasy it left my skin.  The next time I tested it out was after my next shower, where I ran in to another not-the-best situation.  It just doesn’t rub in well.  You know when you try to rub in sunscreen and it just doesn’t want to rub in and leaves streaks everywhere? It was the same type of effect.

Would I use this product again? Probably. It might not be my absolute favorite, but I would rather use a lotion that doesn’t rub in quite so well than a lotion with chemicals in it.

Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil Firming Body Lotion by Acure

I was recently referred to Acure products by a friend at work.  I had never heard of it before, but was told that their products could be found at Kimberton Whole Foods. So, naturally, the next time I found myself at KWF, I had to try it.  Much like Honest Face + Body Lotion, Acure’s body lotion is vegan and free of chemicals.  It also contains Argan Oil, which seems to be the hot ingredient in just about every new beauty product lately.

Now, this stuff is awesome.  It has a very pretty, light, lemongrass scent … that actually lasts! Even after yoga the other night, I still could smell the lemongrass on me .. as opposed to, well, that yoga mat scent.  I also love the way my skin feels.  Whether applied to dry skin or fresh out of the shower, I have noticed that it leaves my skin feeling soft and rubs in very nicely.

I will definitely be purchasing this again! Love, love, love!

Honest Hand Soap by The Honest Co.

I obviously went on an Honest Co. kick … and I obviously have a thing for lemongrass lately, as I use this in combination with my lemongrass lotion by Acure! As with the Honest Face + Body lotion, the soap is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.  What I love about this soap is that it isn’t as thick as some of the other generic brands you can buy at the grocery store.  I used to always dilute my other soaps with water so it wouldn’t be so thick and clumpy when it came out of the pump.  This stuff though is a perfect consistency, and you really don’t need a whole lot of it to get the job done.

I already have another one waiting under my sink for when I run out of my current one!

Honest Healing Balm

I’ve gotta admit .. I was skeptical as to whether or not this would work for me.  Especially during hunting season, I have major problems with dry skin on my hands.  My skin will crack, my cuticles peel … it’s not cute, but it comes with sitting out in the woods in colder weather.  So, I started applying this in the evenings after hunting (and showering), right before bed.  This way, I figured if it felt oily or greasy, it wouldn’t bother me as much as if I put it on in the morning and had to deal with it all day.

I was absolutely impressed with the results.  Granted, I haven’t tested it out in the harsh winter weather. But so far, this has done wonders at keeping my cuticles and my hands moisturized.  It has even been great for my hike-weary feet.  It does have a very thick consistency and leaves skin feeling greasy, which is pretty common with any healing balm or moisturizer.

I can’t wait to try this one out during the winter to see how it holds up!

Have you ever tried these products? What did you think? Did you have a similar experience?

Do you have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear!



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  1. Janelle says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions! 🙂


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